January Acrostic Poem & 13 Things


13 Things:
1. I slept through my first class today.
2. I don’t eat red meat or poultry, although I’m considering welcoming chicken back into my diet!
3. All my gloves are fingerless which have done me no good this winter.
4. I really enjoy the grocery store.
5. I try to pretend like I can predict the future.
6. I have a slight case of OCD.
7. When I was little I liked the taste of soap!
8. I’m a very deep/emotional/sensitive person although I’m good at hiding it.
9. I graduate college next year!
10. I’m scared as hell to be a teacher and wonder if it’s really the career for me.
11. My day isn’t complete until I hear a specific song that fits my mood.
12. I need gratification.
13. Today will be fabulous!


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