Coffee Shop Talk

Totally sitting here at the coffee shop listening to a group full of women gossip about their husbands, family, and friends. I can’t keep a straight face. “Sweet baby Jesus!!” over and over again, giggling and laughing like a pack of hyenas. I learned Owen Wilson tried to kill himself, there’s a Goonies part 2, and random facts about Shutter Island, Princess Bride, and 16 Candles…salvitating over Jake. 80’s and 90’s movies for the win, Flash Dance, Point Break, and Pretty in Pink. So is this what I have to look forward to in the future? Movie talk and children’s books, Boy scouts and Willy Wonka? Good Grief.

A non-romantic husband took his wife to the Sheraton after Valentines Day for a birthday present, renting an over due V- Day suite. Apparently he isn’t a big red meat eater and devoured a 15oz steak at dinner…let’s just say the night didn’t end well for him; or his wife for that matter. According to her, he cuddled with the toilet all night. How romantic! Guess it’s the thought that counts.

I spy…
A Vera Bradley bag
A man wearing an eye patch
A study group gone bad
A woman who can’t get enough chips


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