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A kiss with a fist is better than none <3 Muah!
January 31, 2011

Today’s playlist:

Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s- Barfight Revolution, Power Violence

Lucero- Bikeriders

Modest Mouse- Bukowski

Saves the Day- Rocks Tonic Juice Magic

Florence and the Machines- Kiss with a Fist

M83- We Own the Sky

The Blow- Parenthesis

AC/DC- For those about to Rock

Alkaline Trio- Trouble Breathing

Bayside- Don’t call me Peanut

Bloc Party- Banquet

Emarosa- Heads or Tail? Real or Not.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s- Heads Will Roll

Talking Heads- Burning Down the House

Wolf Parade- This Heart’s on Fire

January 30, 2011

Tonight… catching up on Jersey Shore.


Guuuushyyy <3
January 30, 2011

I want these pillow cases.


I wouldn’t mind one of these watches either…

I also need a land-line, strictly for this buisness..

Tehehehe. I love sushi, therefore I love these earrings.

Oh, and did I mention I have a cut on my hand? These would suffice..

Oh, hello.
January 30, 2011

My new drug of choice… Red wine. Makes me giggle.

I may or may not have had a little too much fun last night. Needless to say, my morning…

Not so pleasant.

Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday!!
January 20, 2011

Word of the day:
\SNIT-ee\ adjective
1. disagreeably ill-tempered


Happy Hump Day! Random Snap*Shots
January 20, 2011

Random Photos I took throughout the day… generally consisting of weirdness, randomness, and awesomeness.

Ice sculptures on campus..



Saw this beautiful work of art at the drive thru!

My gym has a tree house inside!! I'm a child at heart.

Adventures of Stumblina..
January 18, 2011

University of Akron, you never cease to amaze me.

So as I’m leaving campus I decided to stop and grab a cup of joe at Bierce Library, little did I know the series of events that were soon to follow. When I say I don’t have it all together, I really mean I don’t have it all together, but after blatantly staring at a middle-aged woman for approximately 4 and half minutes I realized I have it much more together than I thought.

I walk in to the coffee shop at the library psyched that there was no line. After I walked to the coffee pots to see my selections this is what I came across:

I don’t know about you, but this was unsettling in my eyes. First off, Ohio has no surprises, let alone a chocolate one, and secondly, anything containing the words Ohio, Chocolate, and Surprise can be pillaged of anything good, but I took my chances and went with it anyway.

Once I poured my cup of Ohio’s Chocolate Surprise I turned to get in line, apparently the line had formed all the way outside of the shop as I contemplated taking my chances on this flavored coffee. I stumbled through some people trying to make my way to the end, finally paid, and sat down. Here’s where shit gets weird.

I chose a comfortable chair in the corner next to a woman whose exterior looked remotely sane and normal. Man was I wrong! This woman was either severely high on a caffeine/coffee buzz (seeing as how she had an XL coffee cup with 7 packets of empty sugar and 6 empty creamers), was piss drunk and trying to sober up, or was on some serious life altering medications.

I sat down and we instantly had a 5 minute staring contest, I tried not to stare but this was to surreal, her head was bobbling all over the place like Harry Carry’s SNL skit. I was beyond creeped out at this point. Finally I opened my laptop and decided to write this when she got up, gathered her land mine of trash on the table (while spilling the remains of empty creamer containers all over the floor) and stumbled her way to the trashcan. I had started to type my first few sentences of this blog when I looked up to scope out the scene, she was standing right beside me aimlessly gazing into the chair she had just been occupying..shit was SO weird. She literally stood there for about 60 seconds just staring..AT NOTHING, then turned around and faltered out into the library…

But like I posted earlier, be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle!

Tuesday- back to reality.
January 18, 2011

Word of the day:
\ kon-KYOO-pi-suh-buhl \ , adjective;
1.Worthy of being desired.


These photographs rock *
January 18, 2011

Bored…this shall suffice!
January 18, 2011

Palmistry Lines
The Heart line

The heart line runs horizontally across the upper palm, surrounding the mounts of Mercury, Apollo and Saturn. The length of the line has a general impact on a person’s health. It rules a person’s emotions and relationships. An absent line is indicative of a person high on logic and reason, who could even be ruthless in order to reach the top. The length of the line plays an important role in determining a person’s attitude to relationships. While a short line indicates a highly self-centred person, a long line belongs to a person who has a highly idealistic vision of love. A very long line, touching both sides of the palm, shows a person highly dependent on relationships. This could even lead to promiscuity. A deep and straight line indicates jealousy and criminal tendencies. On the flip side, if the line is clear and deep, the person is sincere, respectful and considerate. A deep line indicates a highly stressful life. Branches arising from the line suggest a strong interest in the opposite sex. If the line has drooping branches, it shows a poor relationship. The heart line can also be read in relation to other lines. If the heart line touches the head line and the life line, the person is likely to experience a betrayal of love. A slight curve towards the head line shows a person with an intellectual bend of mind.

The Head Line

The head line runs horizontally from the middle of the palm to the heart line. It governs memory, intelligence and reasoning. If the line is short, the person is intelligent and intuitive. A straight line represents a person who lives life on a totally materialistic level. If the line is absent, it indicates lethargy and in extreme cases insanity. A long and straight line shows an ambitious person with an excellent memory. If the line splits the palm in half, the person is sadistic, abusive and brutal. A double line reveals a talented person with a flair for business. If the line is short and faint, it shows limited intelligence and poor memory. A short line distinguishes a person as short sighted, morose, and lacking in concentration. The head line can also be interpreted with relation to other lines. If this line is widely separated from the life line, it suggests a person who is independent, impulsive and rash. We can also read the branches of a line. Rising branches from the line show high aspirations without focus. Drooping branches indicate incessant grief and a string of disappointments. A hooked line is indicative of a self-indulgent person, who could also be a traitor. If it is set low in the palm, the person could be greedy and frugal.

The Fate Line

This line rises from the base of the palm, and touches the Mount of Saturn, dividing the palm into halves. An absent fate line shows a person who is self-made and diligent. These people plan their entire life with meticulous detail, and leaves very little to chance. One fork to the Mount of Venus is indicative of a person with strong musical and literary pursuits. These people will almost always achieve celebrity status. The line ending in a fork on the Mount of Saturn shows a prudent, discreet and mysterious person. If the line forks towards the Mount of Mercury, the person is an achiever, with a gift for persuasion. A fork towards the Mount of Jupiter shows a person with a pleasant humanitarian approach. These people are also natural leaders. A fork in the beginning shows a traumatic childhood. This will lead to conflict, but the person will choose the right path later in life. A double line implies insecurity.The branches of the fate line indicate the rise and fall of fortunes. A rising fate line indicates a successful career with great opportunities for prosperity. Dropping lines mean heavy losses, failure, and disappointments. A wavering line shows an indecisive and lethargic person who lives life on a totally materialistic level. An unusually deep line reveals an inheritance, and success that is handed down.

The Life Line

The life line starts between the thumb and the index finger. It then touches the wrist, curving widely around the thumb. This line indicates longevity, vitality, and the quality of life. An absent life line shows a sluggish and high-strung person, with a tremendous nervous energy. A long and regular line indicates an excellent equilibrium and a healthy constitution. A faint line indicates a lack of endurance, or a dull and uneventful life. If the line is forked at its begining, it shows the person as just, truthful, loyal and dependable. On the other hand, if the line ends in a fork, the person suffers from frail health and experiences a lack of energy. A forked line leading to the Mount of Jupiter is a sign of success, recognition and glory. If the line forks to the Mount of Moon, travel to distant places is indicated. A faint line indicates a life of misery, while a clear line suggests a smooth life. A double line is typical of the security offered by a loved one of the opposite sex. It also indicates a healthy sexual life. Branches in the life line make a strong statement about the fortunes of the individual. While upward branches show achievement, glory and success, drooping branches indicate financial, social and emotional loss. A long and deep line shows an abundance of energy, and single-minded determination to reach goals.